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Thrumyeyes Entertainment

Thrumyeyes Entertainment

She is the earth with the single seed that grows into a mighty trunk, she is strong who stands alone to create her vision of Imagination. That's the producer in her.

Having successfully launched herself in the world of arts and entertainment, she decided to take up the challenge of becoming a producer and starting her own entertainment company – “ThruMyEyes Entertainment. Her entertainment company is a one-stop entertainment which incorporates everything from writing scripts, creating commercials and films. Our forte at Thrumyeyes Entertainment lies in creating out of the box concepts & developing it into a successful story line. Likewise, Niswarth has been developed and directed by Anjusha Chaughule under the production of Thrumyeyes Entertainment.

Niswarth at International Film Festivals:


Received “The Best Film Award" at the Gujarat International Film Festival, 2018


Nominated for the best film Hindi 30 minutes at Nasik International Film Festival (NIFF) 2018


Selected & Screened at Kala Academy for "Women's International Short Film Festival of India, Goa 2018.”


Selected at Banjara International Film Festival (BIFF) 2018


Selected for official screening at International Short Film Festival of Pune 2018 (ISFFP)

Niswarth Trailer

Niswarth Full Movie

At the Women International Short Film Festival of India 2018 | Goa

Dashmi Producer : Thrumyeyes Entertainment, Director : Anjusha Chaughule, Composer & Singer : Aanand Menon

Worked as an Assistant Director for Maharashtra Government's Ad Film - Unnat Sheti-Samruddha Shetkari Abhiyan

Worked as an Assistant Director for Maharashtra Government's Ad Film - CM Relief Fund

'Nurture Her' - An initiative by Thrumyeyes Entertainment in association with Maharashtra Police on occasion of International Women's Day.

"Attitude of Gratitude" Nurture Her Series #1

IG of Police thanking women in his life for his achievements

“Two Way Street“ Nurture Her, Series #2

Filmmaker 'Arjun Mukerjee' on women impacting his life & how men fear women?

"Level Playing Field" Nurture Her Series #3

Saffron Stays 'Devendra Parulekar' believes in level playing field when it comes to the women in his life.

"Pillars of Support" Nurture Her Series #3

Sport scientist 'Shyamal Vallabjee' speaks on, how he wants to be a pillar of support to the women in his life?

"Women For Change" Nurture Her Series #5

Journalist & Newscaster "Vishal Patil", emphasis on how women can change the society.

"Freedom & Support" Nurture Her Series #6

Hon. Consul of Republic of Mali 'Vikash Mittersain' on giving women freedom and support to achieve the best.

"Women Are Visionary" Nurture Her Series #7

Celebrity Photographer "Mrunal Kalsekar" speaks his heart about women being visionary can build a good future.

"Value Relations" Nurture Her Series #8

Super Star "Pushkar Shrotri" gets emotional and insecure when it comes to the women he loves.

"Completes The Circle" Nurture Her Series #9

In series finale Ad filmmaker "Raj Kaushal" heartwarmingly tells how she completes the circle & men should come out of illusion.

Jai Devi Jai Janani - Navratri Campaign 2019