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She is like Water the driving force of all nature, moulding herself into various forms & shapes. That's the actress in her...

Establishing yourself as an actress today is not an easy task. The highly competitive and challenging industry requires years of dedication and determination. But having already made up her mind to accomplish this dream, she spent countless hours working hard and training myself to create an impact in the industry. From my initial days working in Marathi Theatre, today she take great pride in having a range of acting performances from Marathi Plays & Films, Hindi Short Films & Features Films, Anchoring and even a range of TV Commercials, all in her repertoire, a lot of which is driven by her passion for Parallel Cinema.

Darling... I love you!!...

Jawai Hatt


Shevatcha Prayoga

Coffee ani Barach Kahi

Vimoksha (film made in 50 hours)


The Endless Love


The India’s Daughter

GE Electric Company





Mi Labharthi - Hoy Hey Maaza Sarkar

Indiabull Home Loans

The Power Grid Corporation of India

Global Kokan

Institute Festival at Baramati, Maharasthra

Maccia - Rising Skills In Woman Entrepreneur

The India's Daughter

The family of monks decides to take rules in their hands when they see the girl is being ganged raped & no help is being received from the public... she plays the lady monk...

DILU was a mad, crisp, naughty comedy play.

She played the character of Radhika, who was trying to come out of the closet to express her love for Devika.

She plays a character of Jahnavi a small town girl completely dedicated towards spirituality & connected by soul to Krishna. An ambitious city boy gets attracted to Jahnavi. And there begins a saga of love & conflict of minds.

"Shevatcha Prayog" - 1940 Film by FTII

She plays a role of a single parent raising her only daughter. The husband leaves his wife & daughter of few months for his ambitions only to return back to her after 12 years. Would the wife accept him or continue her journey alone?

Brand: Cipla

Brand: General Electric Company (GE)

Cricket Talent Hunt - IJPL T20

ICICI Bank - Fund Your Own Worth


Mi Labharthi - Hoy Hey Maaza Sarkar

Indiabull Home Loans